About Don Dinero

What started as a Business became our Mission. Sounds a little backwards? Maybe it was. 

This business started like most business do: we saw a problem and we thought that we could do a better job at solving it. Our founder was a former community banker who grew up in a family owned business. The aim with starting Don Dinero was to fill the gaps for our clients that larger and even smaller community banks were unable to. What we found astonished us. We learned very early on that customers needing to borrow small amounts were being taken advantage of, and that’s how this business became our Mission. A passion of sorts. 

What makes us a stand out against all of those other small lenders claiming to be the best? With Don Dinero there is no abuse. There are no traps. We don’t take advantage of customers who don’t have the power to defend themselves.  We have listened to our customers tell us story after story about how they had been treated by predatory lenders. We feel fortunate to be able to help our customers through their financial needs and in some cases, financial emergencies. Our business has grown through word of mouth.  Our customers share with their friends and family how well they are treated by us. They relate stories about finding a responsible lender in Don Dinero who sincerely cares about their wellbeing and concerns. 

We owe all of our growth and success to our faithful customers and their referrals.  It is now our turn again to pay it forward and back!  We are developing some amazing loans that will truly create positive and permanent change in the lives of the countless people who are constantly overlooked and underrated in our communities.  We are honored and humbled to play a positive part in the lives of our customers and are excited for what the future holds. 

This is no longer just a business opportunity. This is our Mission.