Installment Loan – Secured


We mean it….like real quick, speedy, zoom, zippy….did we mention fast?


Shhh, don’t tell anyone…  Our job is to make your life easier – let us show you how simple that can be!


Clear, crystal-clear, see-through – we want you to understand every detail


We only want you to choose a loan and a payment that you can afford to pay and payoff

Stuff happens.  We know that when the bills stack up, sometimes folks need a little help.  We’ve all been there.  When little Johnny breaks his arm pretending to be a super hero off the bunk bed – he apparently didn’t know the rent was due tomorrow.  When that truck loses its transmission on the freeway – I guess it wasn’t worried that you were on the way to work and the boss is not going to be happy about this.

Bottom line:  There are times in life where we need cash to help us keep it all together.  Unfortunately, many companies have taken advantage of this need for too long and have found ways to bury people in never-ending credit that ends up hurting, not helping.

Our loans are installment loans.  That means that every time you make your payment, you are reducing the balance of your loan.  Every time you reduce your balance, you are reducing the interest that accrues on your loan.

You get to pick a payment that works for your budget.  We can make the loan term longer or shorter, which will affect how much you pay every month.  Shorter loans will always cost you less, but only if you have the ability to repay that payment since it will be larger.  We will give you options and make sure you fully understand what it will take and what it will cost to get you back on your feet.

Bad credit?  It happens.  You are not a “score” to us.  Credit reports can be extremely frustrating.  Maybe you co-signed on your nephew’s car loan and he decided to make his “payments” at the casino instead (true story from one of our customers).  Maybe a doctor sent a bill to an old address and you never knew a thing about it (another true story that happens far too often).  Either of these scenarios might result in a poor “score” where traditional lenders won’t give you the time of day.  We don’t buy it.  Let us fix your problem now, and let us help you grow for the future.  Not only will your cost of credit go down as you successfully pay off loans with Don Dinero, but once you qualify we can give you a StepStone loan which can help build or rebuild your credit “score”.

Personal Loan – Unsecured Installment Loan (New Mexico only)

No Collateral Required

Loans are usually smaller than Secured Installment Loans

Increase your loan amounts and reduce your rates as you payoff your loan as agreed

Just Say No to Payday Loans!  We’ve never done ‘em, and we never will.  Payday loans are like robbing Peter, to pay Peter.  You are borrowing money from your own paycheck two weeks from now.  How is that supposed to work?  You are stretched today and somehow you are not going to come up short in two weeks after you have to pay that entire loan off out of your next check?  That’s how they get ya, see.  In addition, you are also out the fee for their “service”.  Just say no!

When you run out of money, you need time to pay back a loan to get back on your feet.  How much time?  You know best of course.  Our personal installment loans let you adjust the size of those payments to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.  We want you to choose a payment you can afford, that gets the loan paid off sooner rather than later.  Smooth sailing ahead!

Builder Loan

Installment Payments

Every scheduled payment reduces your loan balance

Flexible Terms

Pay biweekly, or monthly – choose a payment and loan amount that you know you can afford

Build Credit

Loans that qualify have the option of reporting to the credit bureaus

Want to build credit? Want to get something in return for your loyalty and responsibility?  You deserve it.  Customers who qualify will have access to our Builder Loan.  Its like a path to financial freedom.  Its like a bridge over a river of financial troubles.  Finally, we have a solution that will turn your short term problem into a long term solution.